for anyone who knows Jodee...

Her energy is highly addictive,

Her default mode is positive, practical and optimistic and

She coaches from a very natural space. 

Creating legendary leaders and/or legendary culture(s) is her specialty.

Jodee has trained and coached with some of the most prestigious leaders.

She is incredibly knowledgeable and formally trained in several coaching models.

Her number one focus has always been


With the ideal mindset and precise alignment...

transformation is INEVITABLE .

Her practice includes the ideas that surround some of

the most influential figures of recent times.

Jodee is a Certified Professional Coach.

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Trained With The Masters

Tony Robbins


Lifetime Mentor

Mindset Extraordinaire 

Tony DiCello

Executive Coach

Productivity Master

NLP Orlando


NLP Worldwide Trainers 

Richard Bandler


NLP Creator

Creative Genius

John LaValle

President of The Society of NLP

CoAuthor Persuasion Engineering

Richard Bandler


Father of NLP 

Who is Jodee Gibson?

A Professional Certified Coach & Fearless Leader

Jodee is heavily trained in, aligns with and prefers a holistic approach to life. This includes the studies of neuro linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, neuroscience, COR.E energy and the Laws of Attraction. She has an incredibly colorful background and the ability to connect at all levels. After becoming a mom at the mere age of 19, she went on to pursue her dreams, put herself through undergraduate and graduate school, has successfully opened several businesses and views life as a series of opportunities.


Whether it’s solving life's complex challenges, unleashing your potential, climbing the executive ladder with ease, Jodee’s extensive knowledge and experience will intrigue you at every level. Her expertise in coaching paired with her real life experiences make even your craziest dreams seem possible. Most clients experience life changing results in a few sessions.


Jodee was the recipient of the Cultural Ambassador Award in 2016 from Keller Williams. Keller Williams was nominated - #1 Happiest Company To Work For by Forbes in 2018 and embraces her love for culture at a very high level. 

Jodee lives in Birmingham Michigan and services clients worldwide.

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