Omconscious Vibes

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

What does omconscious really mean? Great question!

One thing we know for sure is that all of the activity that happens in our brain on a daily basis is a constant conversation between our conscious and unconscious mind. A nonstop, consistent flow of information moves between these two minds all day, every day. Our unconscious mind does amazing work on a daily basis. It not only keeps us alive, but it also keeps track and remembers our past experiences. This constant reminder us very useful and creates a space for us to not always have to remember every detail of information. Our unconscious mind tracks all of that for us and has a pretty great retrieval system as needed. It remembers what we like, what we don't like, how stuff feels, what is safe and what is unsafe. It truly keeps us out of harms way and responds quicker than our conscious mind.

Our conscious mind, however, is a whole different story. Our conscious mind is the logical and reasonable side of our brain that is responsible for creating awareness. Its also the part of our brain that is responsible for deciding. Once we are aware of what's happening, we can decide how to respond. It is responsible for deciding how we feel, how we interpret information and how we react. Our conscious mind knows 'to' respond accordingly to external stimuli. Our unconscious mind knows 'how to' respond. Make sense?

Let's take for example a hot stove. Our conscious mind says 'that's hot' and our unconscious mind, moving at the same pace, pulls your hands back in response to the external stimuli. Working together, they keep you safe. That being said, what is om and why is it conscious or unconscious?

Om, or sometimes referred to as aum, is the slow, almost silent vibrational flow that allows our creative energy to rise and release. Most people chant the word 'om' by just being still and repeating the word slowly over and over again. This can be done anywhere formal or informal. You can do it a red light, or while waiting in line. It can literally be done anywhere, anytime. Allowing yourself to just pause, be still and release anything that might be holding us back. The stillness often times bring about truth, light, clarity and a creates space that allows us to realign with ourselves. This simple practice, done consistently, can create amazing alignment between our body and our mind and create profound change.

The idea that we could be om conscious would be us making decisions that honor our clear, aligned selves. How impactful could we be on a daily basis if we functioned from a place of omconsciousness? This level of consciousness and awareness has the ability to transcend not only our lives, our kids lives, our spouses lives and our families lives but the world as a whole.

Who would you be if you lived omconsciously?

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