What is NLP?

NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming

What's been downloaded on your filter?

Neuro Linguistics Programming or NLP is truly the study of successful behavior. Although it has been referred to in several different ways, my favorite way to explain it is that it's the study of your brain's filter. Go with me on this one and let me explain. Unknowingly, we all use filters that have been installed into our unconscious minds maybe as early as our childhood years. As we move through life, we continue adding more and more details to our filter from each and every one of life's experiences. Every time we have a new experience, we add to and utilize the already existing filter. Rarely are we aware of any of this nor are we do we have knowledge of where the filter came from or that we are even using one.

As we learn and grow, this filter picks and chooses different meanings for different things and anchors them to your brain. These anchors are installed with the utilization of one of your five senses - sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. We all have those scents that upon smelling, we are immediately taken back to a time or place that's incredibly vivid and certain. You may have just had one as I explained that or can remember having one and can relate. Whether it was a good or bad experience, our brain doesn't differentiate, it just moves there...and remembers. Although we begin to think this whole experience is all hardwired, its actually not. It's completely editable and can be reinstalled at any time again and again, meaning, if you have an experience you no longer want or you have something you've yet to experience, we can help install it for you.

Let's start with a fun example. I'd like you to think of an elephant, yep, that one you have made in your mind already. Seemingly easy huh? Weirdly, in a room full of 20 or so people, not one of you would see the same elephant. Some people's visual was a huge, real life elephant that they remembered from the zoo. Others may see a picture of an elephant that's hanging on someone's wall they know, while others may see a figurine or a page in a child's coloring book or maybe a stuffed animal. Point being, none of us see exactly the same thing...we all have different filters. Different filters created different meanings and different pictures. It's from these pictures and meanings that we base any future learning on. So what does all this mean?

What does elephant look like to you?

Often times, words are spoken with one meaning and installed into our filter with a different meaning attached. With that different meaning, it skews our every experiences from that moment on, with the misinterpreted meaning. Hence, all further things learned have the misinterpreted meaning attached to it. Plainly stated, we all understand tone of voice, its a sound. What seems harsh to one person may not seem harsh to the next. However, if you had a previous experience with someone who used what sounded like a harsh tone and that harsh tone made you feel 'unworthy', it would be completely normal for you to now believe that every time someone uses a harsh tone with you, you feel unworthy. Those two things are now anchored together. Disconnecting the anchor and reinterpreting the sound is one of the things an NLP Practitioner can help you do.

These patterns are what everyone's filters are made from. A NLP Practitioner has the ability to help you identify the filter, edit it to a more productive space and leave as if they were never there. This my friends is where the magic happens. Most of us in life are walking around with half accomplished goals or feelings of discouragement that we are not deserving of what our dreams would create. Editing filters and aligning them with my clients goals is my gift. It's my greatest pleasure to work with people as they begin to see things through a different filter and begin living their dream life.

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