We All Have The Power

As a Professional Certified Coach and Fearless Leader, my role in most people's lives is to create awareness around what is currently limiting them and provide the space necessary for transformation.


Awakening our unconscious mind and all the amazing things it holds is where the magic happens. As creatures of habit, we continue to internalize childhood memories, old conversations and previous experiences while trying to step into our future. It's from that space and awareness that I coach.


Developing a conscious awareness around how our mind works, where our power lies and how to reprogram our brain is where mindset starts. Creating amazing alignment between that conscious space and your unconscious mind is the pathway to accessing your potential at the highest level and exposing your raw and natural talent. Once that alignment is established, breakthroughs occur and major paradigm shifts are born. That my friends, is my zone of genius and literally feeds my soul.

My belief is that everyone has a story, a story that is theirs to own, to edit and to grow from...and every moment is an opportunity to learn. My clients consistently report profound and lasting change. If you’re curious about working together, let’s talk! I coach worldwide via phone and/or video conference.

Why I Love Coaching

It’s almost magical.

When you can work with a client and witness their growth and their shifts and watch them release things that have been part of their space for decades, things that were deeply rooted, it's incredibly powerful. When you can watch those shifts and be a part of that person’s personal growth and journey...it’s almost magical. 

Its about growth.

As coaches, we grow and learn daily right along with our clients. We learn how they process information, how they make decisions, how and what they choose to interpret and what they choose to believe in doing all of these things. Those moments are truly priceless in the consistent growth and evolution both the client & the coach.  

It’s simply who I am.

People often ask me if I ever ‘turn it off’. The simple answer is no. Coaching isn’t what I do...it’s who I am. I often attract exactly the right clients and am drawn to people and situations that are ideal matches for me. Coaching comes from a very authentic and natural space for me. It's my life's purpose and truly my gift. 

My Professional Affiliations

As a board member (ICF-MI) and a credentialed coach of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) I am bound by both of their Codes of Ethics. As members of both of those prestigious organizations, I am privy to participate in their educational offerings, attend conferences and network with like peers. Those spaces are sacred to me and allow me to grow my own personal knowledge and my network to broaden my reach, both of which allow me to better support you. I am also a member of ICF Michigan.


Jodee’s coaching style is unparalleled. She opens an environment completely devoid of judgment and allows me to explore my deepest limiting beliefs and gremlins to understand their hold as well as how I might repurpose them to better serve me. She listens well beyond my words and truly sees me as an individual with amazing gifts and talents. Her words are encouraging and her energy is intoxicating. I haven’t gotten off a call without feeling I can absolutely do anything I’ve ever dreamed of. Jodee is truly one of a kind and I am blessed and grateful to have her as my coach. 

A Client's Perspective

—  Lauren, Business Owner

Think about it...

you could be legendary.

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