The Story of Om

Intentionally reciting the word Om over and over again has a profound effect on one's consciousness and brings with it a deeper state of awareness. The sound itself helps to calm and ease our central nervous system which is often overstimulated by life's consistent speed and experiences. 


Our goal at Omconscious is to create amazing alignment between your goals and your actions, as well as your conscious and unconscious mind using neuro linguistic programming (NLPtechniques. Although our brain works as a whole, in every action our unconscious mind and conscious mind are both hard at work. Becoming intentional about how they communicate, slowing our thoughts down, creating precise alignment and developing new habits and patterns is what our coaching style is all about. This transformation leads to inner peace and an authentic space to grow.


You are capable of great things my friend. Your success can be achieved quicker than you think and can provide lasting change, allowing you to align your mindset, tap into your potential, create the vision, think on purpose, transform your life, build an empire...and simply live om ♥ 

With our expertise and your effort, creating lasting change and becoming that vision of yourself that you so clearly see is absolutely possible!  Speak om and allow the body to feel free, pure and aware of itself and its power in this big and amazing world. Let yourself align with your ideas, your intentions and embrace the power you hold inside of you.

We specialize in helping people transform by aligning their mindset and getting intentional. Our goal is to get you to think on purpose. 

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